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How Do I fix JavaScript Errors?

"I get this question all the time!"

Why is my computer slow John? Why does it crash all the time John? How can I fix my computer John? I decided it was time to spread the word. JavaScript is one of the most complicated bits of code that can run on your PC and it is very prone to having problems. When it crashes, it can throw a wrench into EVERYTHING!

Fixing JavaScript errors is simple and will make your computer run much faster and can be done in the 4 easy steps below:


1. Download the JavaScript Repair Tool (free download)
2. Click "Save File" and follow the simple installation instructions.
3. Scan your computer with the RegistryFix application.
4. Click the "Repair Now" button to repair any JavaScript errors on your computer.


What is JavaScript and why does it crash frequently?

All JavaScript does, essentially, is it allows people to write chunks of HTML, the primary language of the Internet, easily and quickly.

Netscape came up with JavaScript to help people write pages more efficiently. The program was originally dubbed LiveScript, but after the huge early success of Java, the folks at Netscape borrowed the name and rechristened their new software JavaScript. There are no real similarities between Java and JavaScript, other than the name.

After witnessing the power of JavaScript and realizing the amazing potential this new tool had, Microsoft hurried into the lab and came up with their version of JavaScript a short time later. The main problem was that even though Microsoft’s version was very similar to Netscape’s it wasn’t an exact match. As a result, you had two programs floating around the Internet with the exact same name that weren’t really the same at all.

Most of the time, running a program like Registry Fix will repair your JavaScript problems quickly and easily, helping you avoid having to hire an outsite tech or costly repair company. Registry Fix will scan your PC for Internet Explorer errors as well as ActiveX errors and scripting errors, C++ errors, EXE/ DLL/ OCX/ INF/ VXD, DLL errors and more.

Overall, I've found that using Registry Fix has allowed me to keep my PC in tip-top shape and running at maximum performance!
*I HIGHLY recommend it!


Fix and Repair JavaScript Errors Fast: Download The JavaScript Repair Tool.



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